What’s the Reason for Popularity of Bulk SMS Service Provider in Gurgaon?

SMS is a very convenient service which is being used by business of all size and industries to send Bulk SMS to their clients and potential customers on regular basis to get in touch with them to maintain a trusted relationship. It is an easy, fast and economical way through which it is possible for all business organizations to reach out to multiple customers at a single time only.  Sending a standard or customized message to all database numbers is basic working principle of the bulk SMS service.  The level of customization can be easily configured according to campaign requirement.  Its quick visibility, simple spreading of message via trusted operations make it a favored mode of communication to all businesses, vendors and entities.

Particularly Bulk SMS service is widely used by all commercial entities to send promotional information and status updates to their regular customers and by government bodies to broadcast messages of public interest.Among all promotional methods to reach out large customers Bulk SMS is the most cost efficient one. SMS Plus – bulk SMS Service provider in Gurgaon is expert and experienced in providing customized bulk SMS Services to all types of clients


For example such as banks, insurance agencies etc., use Bulk SMS services in Gurgaon to send OTP and important related secures information to their customers instantly hence they use mobile marketing services.  E-commerce brand uses Bulk SMS to update buyers about respective orders and transactions.

It has countless possibilities and applications, each of which can be customized according to priority of business organizations.

Get and enjoy here very affordable and consumer responsive bulk SMS platform at which you will feel better equipped and in full control of the entire affair.

Bulk SMS Service Comprises:

  • Transactional / Alert SMS messages
  • Promotional SMS messages

Bulk SMS Advantages:

  • Get complete exhaustive computerized databases of carrier-wise subscriber which all are further sub-categorized according to different parameters.
  • Specialists team with expertise in developing effective and responsive messages.
  • Get full data of metrics and analysis to track continuously progress and returns.
  • Guaranteed positive results.
  • Target specific messages to various groups.
  • Bulk SMS services are beneficial for business entities such as Schools, Retailers, Agents, Doctors and hospitals, Banks Tour/Travel companies etc.


Bulk SMS Software Features:

  • Manage of Address Book / Phone Book.
  • Management of user groups
  • Send message instantaneously to a single user or to whole group.
  • Message scheduling to send messages at specific date and time to individuals or groups.
  • Upload data from Excel Sheet, Notepad File or Comma Delimited File
  • Get HTTP API for integration with other desktop or web applications/software in any source code languages such as Asp.Net, Asp, PHP, Java, C#.Net, VB.
  • Excel Plug availability
  • Customization and Personalization of SMS Feature
  • Send SMS in any Languages
  • DND / Non-DND Filtration Available.
  • Sender ID / CLI Available
  • Proper SMS Delivery Report
  • Message Templates
  • Optin / Optout Service
  • Used to send instantaneous notification to you clients.
  • Alert about SMS Account Expiry & Low SMS Balance


 Bulk SMS Provider in Gurgaon Resellers/Associates Program Features:

  • Get web based sms software/interface with white labeled about brand name and logo.
  • Can sell the SMS credits to other users on custom rates.
  • Constant and unfailing support
  • Support & Technical Team dedicated available.
  • All Bulk SMS Software Features
  • Overselling Available



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